How Strong Is The Ability of Infrared Touch Screen to Resist Interference?
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The answer you want to know is here......

At the dinner time one day, my female friend A was drinking the sweet water while playing mobile phone on the bench inside the convenience store downstairs.

The new launched mobile game was very attractive both for the characters and painting style.

Indeed, she was obsessed at the first play even she hadn’t played games for long.

Mainly due to the team leading, the experience kept rising ‘without stop’, and soon was several levels highs than others.

Restraining the impulse of humming a song, she thought she could reached the highest level just within less than one week at this speed.

As A was playing with full concentration, a child passed by, with a bubble tool in the hand, jumping and smiling on the face.



That toy swept directly above the table – and hit the small bowl of sugar.

Fortunately, A moved quickly to hold the bowl in one hand.

But there’s still a few drops of water sprinkled on the screen.

At that time she did not care, and casually wiped it, thus to see the dialog box of the game interface flashing.

Subconsciously, her fingers moved to the dialog box.

There was no response after clicking several times.

The leading female mage made a prompt decision of kick A out of the team when sending her the private message without any response,


Afterwards, my friend was in no mood to play, and went upstairs after drinking the sweet water.


This situation is not unusual in life, and most people do not understand why it is.

Why the phone screen fails after being stained with a little bit of water?



I’m not sure whether the bros reading this paper have checked out other related reports of mine, if you do, you should know that most of the mobile phones on the market are using the capacitive screens, while capacitive screens work relying on the current sensing, so the ambient temperature, humidity and electric field changes will cause the capacitor screen drift and result in inaccuracy.

In other words, the bros easy to sweat in the palms had better not to play mobile games, and you know that reason.

So what kind of technology on the market can achieve anti-interference on the screens?

Currently, the mainstream technology applied to the small size of screens are the capacitive screen, while the infrared screen dominates the large size market.

Here I want to mention that, I’ve found that once mentioning small sizes, many people naturally think of the phones and tablet computers; and you should be familiar with the large-size touch screens of the Digital Signage and Vending Machines everywhere in the major shopping malls and bustling streets.


But there is a misunderstanding --

Most of the friends nearby cannot distinguish between these two kinds of technical screens, and all the touch screens are the same as the phone screen regardless of sizes in their point of view!



So I thinks that it is necessary to explain again to everyone what the infrared screen is.

Basic Principle

Infrared screen generally means that a frame is install in front of the monitor screen, there are circuit boards in the frame, as well as the infrared emission tube and infrared receiver tube uniformly distributed in the X & Y direction.

They correspond one by one and form the infrared matrix crossed vertically and horizontally.

When there is a touch, fingers or other objects will block the vertical and horizontal infrared through the point, and the controller determines the location of the touch point in the screen.

(As shown in the Picture)



Technical Analysis

The most infrared screen controllers are directly mounted on the circuit board in the frame, and the controller communicates directly with the host via the USB interface or the serial port.

For the game players, they can enjoy the game on the big size of the display by setting an infrared screen box.

Of course, the infrared screen is not only applicable in the game industry, and it’s more favored by the ATM, express counters, vending machines and advertising machines in close contact with people’s life, the electronic whiteboard and all-in-one machine universal in the education industry, as well as the touch device in the industrial control.



Two points will mainly be considered by the businessmen:

Firstly, the infrared screen cost is much lower compared with the costly capacitive screen.

Secondly, the infrared screen has even better anti-interference ability, as it works in the use of infrared emission and reception, it’s not interfered by the current and voltage, so even the dust and water droplets on the screen surface do not affect the click.

Of course, the qualities of the infrared screen on the market now are uneven, so how to achieve the anti-interference in the practical sense?

In this regard, leaders from Shenzhen TMDtouch Science and Technology Co., Ltd. announced that, all the company's infrared screens have passed the testing by the test equipment before leaving factory, thus to ensure the qualified product performance.

This includes: AOI automatic detection, high and low temperature testing and 24-48 hours aging test.

Let’s first look at the infrared screen anti-interference video provided by TMDtouch Science and Technology.




How is it? Hands up when you’re touched after watching this.

In short, I had got a simple and crude conclusion that I can still cook even there’re piles of oil contamination. Just choose the infrared screen for the kitchen touch screen equipment!

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So, see you next time.