How to Reassemble The Sticks of Infrared Touch Frame
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Unless you are familiar with the assembly of this product, or you'd better carry out a proper operation obediently in accordance with the instructions or installation video.

I have a tour pal, and we'll have a ride together when we are free on weekends.

That day he called me and told me that he could not attend the activity on the weekend.

By asking him, I learned that he bought a mountain bike on the Internet.



Usually, for a large-sized object like this, the seller will disassemble it into parts and package it for mailing to prevent collision in transport, Of course, it also to some extent save unnecessary packaging costs for both parties.

So, my tour pal assembled it together manually after receiving it .

Due to his carelessness , he did not watch the installation video sent by the seller , he thought that, it was just a bike, no big deal, putting on a few screws, some knocking and twisting will be enough.

As a result, an accident occurred.

The bike’s brake failed when going down a steep slope, he fell down from the bike.

Fortunately, concussion didn’t happen to him, just a strain of neck muscles, for which he had to rest in bed for a few days.



What is assembled in the above example is just a bike, let’s imagine, what if it is an electronic product that is assembled? My friend's approach is completely undesirable, unless you are familiar with the assembly of this product, or you’d better carry out a proper operation obediently in accordance with the instructions or installation video.

Now the industry of infrared touch box shows a good tendency, and it has become equally matched with the capacitive screen that has occupied the market for many years .

The capacitive screen has currently occupied more than 50% of the market of less-than-32-inch screen, mostly the screens with a size of 4-22 inches .

While the infrared screen is currently sized 32-84 inches, accounting for an estimated 80% of the market.

Then the problem follows, with such a great size, it is only viable that the product be disassembled and packaged before mailing to customers.

Therefore, the reassembly of infrared touch box after disassembly is worth an explanation.


Here let’s briefly review the working principle of infrared screen.(shown in the following picture)

The touch screen is surrounded by receiving and transmitting tubes corresponding to infrared , when non-transparent objects enter into the X-Y-formed matrix, the user’s touch will be positioned according to the changes in intensity of infrared radiation.

IMG_256White tube is usually defaulted as the infrared transmitting tube, black tube as the infrared receiving tube.

Don’t you find that, the editor specifically marked the data line with red ? This is because the data line must be on the same PCB board as the infrared transmitting tube is , if you don’t remember that the white tube is the transmitting tube , it does not matter, just watch which circuit board has data line when you assemble, you can determine it is the transmitting tube.

In order to let everyone has a more visualized view, the editor has edited a physical map for reference.



To conclude:

At the opposite side of transmitting tube must be the receiving tube of the same length.

Be sure not to place the four PCB boards in wrong order during reassembly, from the above picture we can find that what is adjacent to the data line in location are the transmitting tube and receiving tube.

The last point is very important, remember to keep an "opening", do not block all roads, otherwise a short circuit will occur, it can easily burn down the circuit board.

Now, is there any one who doesn’t know how to reassemble the disassembled infrared touch box?

If yes, here is a video that displays how to assemble.